Katheline Jean-Pierre

Directrice générale, Linkedin Marketing Solutions | États-Unis

Katheline Jean-Pierre is an experienced tech GM and former entrepreneur with skill spikes in sales, marketing, operations and product management.  Her career has spanned several industries and functions at organizations such as LinkedIn, Google, Deloitte, Flickr, Yahoo and Quebecor.   She brings to the table a wealth of experience as a dynamic general manager, with a track record in marketing, sales, go-to-market strategy and product management.

Katheline's career has traversed multiple industries, countries and roles, encompassing renowned organizations such as LinkedIn, Google, Deloitte, Flickr, Yahoo, and Quebecor.  Specifically, her career is marked by a relentless commitment to driving growth, fostering innovation, building memorable brands while championing diversity and inclusion in the corporate world. Her wealth of experience and astute insights make her a sought-after executive and board member in today's ever-evolving business landscape.

Community Engagement

Katheline is deeply committed to giving back to her communities through her active involvement in creating and shaping Diversity and Inclusion programs. She is also an astute early-stage investor, further demonstrating her dedication to fostering innovation and growth in emerging businesses.

Educational Background

Katheline's academic achievements include a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Université de Montreal, a Master's degree in e-commerce from HEC Montreal, a Climate Readiness Certification from the Diligent Institute, and a certificate from the Black Corporate Board Readiness program at Santa Clara University.

Leadership Philosophy

Katheline is driven by the inspirational words of American author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau: "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." This profound leadership mantra has ignited her passion for deeper exploration, larger thinking, and the consistent delivery of delightful experiences in her professional journey.

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Je crois au potentiel énorme du continent africain pour notre génération actuelle et future; surtout pour l'environnement, les carrières de notre future génération et notre intelligence collective. Avec notre privilège, nous devons absolument parler de nos expériences Avec mon expérience de

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Nous avons tout le talent necessaire pour briser toutes les frontieres, representer l'Afrique et la communaute noire mondiale. Notre potential est infini, ce que nous  conceptualisons dans notre esprit peut se manifester dans notre realite. 

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